SRC AV-5, AV-10 Series

SRC AV-5, AV-10 Series Vacuum Receiver and Filter Chamber

SRC/AV-5 & AV-10 vacuum receivers are used to convey free-flowing granular, powdered or regrind materials in a centralized conveying system.

  • Flange mount configuration
  • Integral material demand/level sensor
  • Internal check valve on material inlet for 2.0”, 2.5” and 3.0” Note: Consult factory for line sizes larger than 3.0” OD
  • Brushed stainless steel construction. Painted cover assembly
  • Removable aluminum material inlet:
    • SSR23-45 —Removable aluminum (2.0-3.5” O.D)
    • SSR85-170 —Removable aluminum (2.5-3.5” O.D)
    • SSR/AV-5 receivers include angled, counterweighted discharge throat with gasket seal (SSR23-45 —4” Throat, SSR85-170 —6” Throat)
  • Dual atmospheric valves for control of the vacuum and filter cleaning cycle
  • Air operated vacuum sequencing valves built into cover of unit. No need for an additional sequence valve
  • Low maintenance design. No tools required for filer bag cleaning/changes
  • Large filter bag area for low pressure drop and good material/air separation
  • Acrylic lined filter bags for better dust release and filter performance
  • Auxiliary output provided for control of optional air slide gate
  • Quick access latched cover design
  • Hopper mounted control of cleaning cycle
  • 24 VDC contol voltage
  • Capacitive volume fill sensor in vacuum receiver
  • Remote demand sensor for material demand
  • Air operated slide gate in lieu of standard discharge (4” slide gate for SSR23-45; 6” slide gate for SSR85-170)
  • Distributed I/O cable connection kit
  • Special mounting flange pattern (consult factory)
  • Riser mount configuration (not available when slide gate option is selected)
  • Optional filter media
  • 70 degree cone for hard to flow materials (not available on SSR23 and SSR45 models)
  • 115 VAC control voltage SSR/AV-10
  • Compressed air fluidizing pad system for receiver cone

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