SH Series

SH Series Drying Hoppers

SH Series Drying Hoppers are constructed of insulated carbon steel and contain no material hang-up points with solid internal walls. Value-added standard equipment includes heavy duty slide gate, convenient lifting lugs and hopper cover. No gaskets are used in SH hoppers, which allows for a precision, laser cut door.

  • Unique mass flow design
  • Carbon steel construction with aluminum cover on the outside
  • Integral welded carbon steel frame
  • 2” (5 cm) fiberglass insulation
  • Hinged access door with long sight glass
  • Inlet/outlet tube stubs should be speci ed when ordering
  • Slide gate
  • Drain port
  • Stainless steel construction inside and out
  • Sensors, less controls: Single level RF-style sensor 115 or 230V; dual level RF-style sensor 115 or 230V; demand level sensor 115V
  • Air-operated discharge slide gate, less controls
  • Adapter to mount SRC 30/60 vacuum receiver onto SD 12-30 hopper models

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