SFC & FC Series Filter Chambers

SFC & FC Series Filter Chamber

Every Sterling vacuum conveying system uses a remote central filter chamber to eliminate on-the-machine filter maintenance as well as to protect the vacuum pump from damage due to dust or particle ingestion.

For use with any VacTracTM pump, the SFC Series Cartridge-style filter chamber features a two-stage dust collector that incorporates a cyclonic vortex separation chamber with a large-capacity cartridge filter element to produce a highly efficient, low-maintenance filter. The SFC Series offers two models with different sizes and capacities.

The FC Series bag-style filter chambers are used with SPDB or SPDB power units with patented PulseJetTM Blowback for filter cleaning. The FC Series offers three models to choose from to fit your material handling system.


SFC Series

  • Mild steel construction
  • Two stage cyclone/cartridge filter design
  • 29” high floor stand for drum discharge
  • Reverse pulse filter element
  • Flapper dump valve and filter shroud

FC Series

  • Mild steel construction
  • 12 oz. glazed polyester felt bags
  • Flapper dump valve with floor stand and dust shroud
  • 45” floor stand with 38” clearance

SFC Series

  • 45” floor stand, 38” clearance
  • 1/2” compressed air solenoid for blowback (less controls)
  • 1/2” compressed air solenoid for blowback with stand-alone control assembly
  • Removable dust can on 29” floor stand

FC Series

  • Floor mount configuration
  • Floor stand with manual dump valve
  • Acrylic filter media
  • Gore-Tex® filter media
  • Enclosed floor stand
  • Spare filter bag rack with polyester bags
  • Manual dump configuration

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