SF1000 Series

SF1000 Series Gravimetric Additive Feeders

The SF1000 features a compact, gravimetric additive feeder that allows it to accurately meter additives as well as track material usage. The SF1000 is designed to work in all molding and extrusion applications for pelletized material. Consistent, accurate operation and repeatability, even at very low output rates. If there is a deviation from set additive weight, the SF1000 will automatically self-adjust to ensure proper measurements.

  • Measure and track material usage for pelletized materials
  • Simple and easy to use operation with automatic calibration
  • Connection to injection signal in addition to recovery signal
  • Powerful DC motor
  • User-friendly graphic display
  • Advanced feed-rate algorithm
  • Online additive flow rate control in % or kg/hr (for extruders)
  • Integrated TCP/IP card that enables communications for injection molding models
  • Gravimetric/volumetric mode switch
  • Unique software for extrusion blow-molding machines
  • 0-10 VDC extruder follower circuit available on extrusion models
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Integrated automatic venturi loader

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