SDAP Series

SDAP Series Portable Drying System

The SDAP Portable Drying System provides users the ability to dry and convey resins in a single, portable, compact unit. Available in one of three configurations, operators can automatically convey material to the drying hopper, to the process machine, or both the hopper and the process machine.  All of this is possible by integrating the conveying controls with the dryer which means that no additions or expansions to existing conveying systems are required when adding the SDAP. In addition, when equipped with an optional RPV proportioning valve, two materials (typically virgin and regrind) can be automatically be conveyed to the drying hopper, eliminating the need to mix the two prior to drying.

  • Drying temperatures up to 400°F (204°C)
  • Integrated control interface provides status of drying and conveying functions. Also allows simple start-up, shutdown, and change of drying and conveying parameters
  • Programmable PLC controller controls drying and conveying functions
  • PID temperature controller provides LED readout of set point and actual process temperature• Digital dew point indicator displays “actual dew point” and “high dew point” alarm settings
  • Integral dryer and hopper assembly with heavy duty casters
  • Sightglass material receiver for minimal inventory on the process machine
  • Stainless Steel drying hoppers with clean out door
  • Insulated drying hopper with sight glass and slide gate
  • Closed loop conveying to process machine (when machine conveying option is chosen)
  • Single power connection point with electrical disconnect on control cabinet
  • Stainless steel flex hose (required when conveying materials above 250ºF)
  • Dirty filter indicator
  • Aftercooler
  • 7-day timer
  • High temperature and high dewpoint alarms
  • Remote proportioning valve mounted to vacuum receiver to fill drying hopper
  • SSRL and SSLC hopper loader to fill drying hopper
  • SSRL control mounting bracket

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