SDAA Series

SDAA Series Dehumidifying Dryers

SDAA Series Dryers are engineered to provide optimum drying performance under the most demanding conditions. The dual-bed, closed-process loop design incorporates many innovative features that consistently provide -40°F dewpoint in high humidity environments up to 150 grains moisture level.

All models include microprocessor control for process temperature and desiccant regeneration. With high performance features in a simple, compact design, SDAA Series dryers from Sterling combine superior performance with easy operation and serviceability.

  • Programmable digital temperature control Standard units 180°F to 250°F (82°-121°C)
  • 13X molecular sieve
  • Regenerative process blower
  • “Process high temp” alarm light
  • Process and regeneration high temperature safeties
  • 2.5” (64 mm) dryer hose connections
  • NFPA79, UL and CUL electrical standards conformance
  • NEMA 12 control enclosure
  • Electrically-actuated air valve
  • Non-fused electrical disconnect
  • Three-year temperature controller warranty
  • 12’ low-temperature return air hose (floor mount only)
  • 12’ high-temperature silicone dryer delivery air hose with two clamps (floor mount only)
  • Thermocouple to mount in drying hopper air inlet
  • Low temperature operation 120° to 180°F (49° to 82°C)
  • High temperature operation 250° to 400°F (121° to 204°C)
  • Audible high-process temperature alarm with reset button
  • Heavy duty 4” casters on Floor mount, also available as Machine Mount or Portable Cart
  • Stainless steel premium slide gate or drawer magnet (machine mount only)
  • AP1 controller, including touch-screen interface, solid state relay for heater control, dewpoint monitor, dirty filter indicator, 7-day timer, material over-drying protection and expanded diagnostics, and optional ethernet module – Dewpoint monitor 15° to -40°F (-9° to -40°C) (standard with AP1)
  • Redundant process air safety: separate temperature controller and thermocouple
  • 220/3/50 or 400/3/50
  • Plasticizer trap

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