MTO Series

MTO Series Modular Take-Off Boxes

Modular Take-Off Boxes are designed for free-flowing materials and provide durable construction in a simple modular design. The MTO Series take-off boxes feature stainless steel construction with lightweight aluminum tube assemblies. The versatile modular design is compatible with a wide range of applications and allows for easy assembly and cleanout.

MTO take-off boxes are available in single or multiple lines with styles including complete clean-out type with tapered bottom, or box type, which provides various material line take-off configurations. All compartments have adjustable tubes for air/material balancing.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Aluminum take off tubes
  • Multiple tubes per box
  • Air/material balancing adjustment
  • Material view port on body styles A, B, and C
  • Available sizes:
    • 16-1/4” (406mm) square flange with up to three take off tubes
    • 10” (254mm) square flange with up to two take off stubs
    • 7” (178mm) square flange with one take off tube
    • Maximum three (3) box stack-up allowed
    • Can be integrated in any vacuum conveying system
  • Material clean-out gate
  • Blank plate
  • Adapter plate to mate to 7” x 7” or 9” x 9” square flange drying hoppers
  • Take-off tubes: 1.5” –  2.0” –  2.5” –  3.0” –  3.5”  –  4.0”

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