MDB Series

MDB Series Dehumidifying Dryers

MDB Series Dehumidifying Dryers have been designed around improved serviceability and increased energy efficiency. With material processing rates between 50-450 lbs/hr (22-205 kgs/hr), the dual blower, desiccant bed system with electric bed switching valve technology provides an easy to operate platform for virtually any drying application.

Designed around the new DryPro touchscreen controller, the MDB Series dryer gives users a level of interface and information rarely seen.  Processes are clearly displayed with color coded functions, operating parameters are clearly shown and material throughputs can easily be seen.

The MDB Dryer with DryPro controller can be expanded to control up to three drying hoppers with modular components on one compact platform.  The MDB series can be used as a stand-alone unit, or can be configured as part of a cart system with or without conveying options to service several process machines.

  • Drying temperature range 140° to 400°F (71° to 204°C)
  • Throughput of 50-450 lbs/hr (22-205 kgs/hr)
  • Dual desiccant bed design
  • DryPro Touch Screen Controller
  • -40°F Dew Point
  • Electric bed-switching valves
  • Dual regenerate blower design
  • Incoloy heaters
  • DryPro Touch Screen Controller
  • Solid state relay on process heater
  • Sequence shutdown switch
  • Easy access removable panels designed for serviceability
  • Portable floor-mount design
  • 240-480/3/60 Supply Voltage
  • Closed-loop regeneration circuit
  • Pre-cooler for low temperature applications
  • Aftercooler for high temperature applications
  • Dryer hose insulation
  • Process heaters can be mounted directly onto the drying hoppers
  • UL Labeling
  • CE Certification
  • Other supply voltages available

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