Vacuum Receiver Filter Chamber Combination

Vacuum Receiver Filter Chamber Combination

Sterling SSR/FC Vacuum Receiver Filter Chamber Combination are designed to convey free-flowing, coarse powder and granular materials with a central vacuum conveying system.

FC Style Filter Chamber Combinations must be used with APDB non-reversing vacuum pumps only.



  • Mounting type – Non-vented riser with hinged and latched access door for easy clean-out and service of material discharge.
  • Mild steel construction of filter section
  • SSR-style (time-fill) vacuum receiver
  • Counter-weighted flapper
  • SSR 16 4” throat
  • SSR 30/60 6” throat
  • Material demand/level sensor
  • Bag style filter chamber with glazed polyester filter
  • Note: Blowback air is supplied by the vacuum pump. APDB style vacuum pump is required
  • Bin vent filters (sold separately; recommended for proper relief of filter cleaning air)
  • Acrylic filter media in lieu of standard
  • Gortex® filter media in lieu of standard
  • Stainless steel construction of filter section

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