ADC Series

ADC Series Desiccant Wheel Dryer

Sterling brings a century of experience to provide premium value and quality. The ADC Series Desiccant Bed Dryer leverages the Sterling legacy and expertise to provide a system that is suited for most drying applications including extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding.

The ADC Series Dryer combines the efficiency of a wheel dryer with an integrated pneumatic conveying system, a receiver for the drying hopper, a receiver for the IMM and all related accessories. The ADC Series is particularly suitable as an independent flexible dryer to be positioned next to the processing machine.

  • Drying temperatures up to 356°F
  • Constant and adjustable dew point of down to -58°F
  • Energy monitoring system, saving up to 40% or more
  • No need for compressed air. No need for cooling water
  • Automatic or manual adjustable process air flow
  • 7” vertical touchscreen display with viewing angle, large capacitive screen with immediate response, clear and bright; intuitive user-oriented interface
  • Material selection table with pre-set or programmable drying parameters
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • Smart Mode: automatic adaption of the drying process to the production needs by monitoring the return air temperature – no waste of energy
  • MPM (Material Protection Management): protects the material from over drying and degradation by monitoring the loading system or return air temperature
  • SLS (Safety Loading System): prevents that undried material is reaching the production machine by monitoring the drying time
  • 5 Year warranty on the desiccant wheel
  • Pneumatic conveying with double stage brushless blower and cyclone/fabric filter
  • Air heat exchanger for the conveying of hot materials in closed circuit and automatic circuit valves
  • ASPUL suction valve which also integrates the line cleaning valve
  • Compact frame with side access for the hopper unloading
  • Receivers 2 – 4 liters for ADC 25
  • Receivers 6 liters for ADC 50-80
  • Integrated or external portable dew point sensor
  • Automatic throughput control in combination with HALO

How The Wheel Dryer Works

  • The wheel is rotating driven by a step motor through 3 main sections: drying, regeneration and cooling.

    • In the first section the humid process air coming from the material hopper through a return air filter is dried in two stages and the dry air is returned by the process blower through a heating chamber to the material in the drying hopper
    • Parallel to that a part of the turning wheel is in regeneration with its own dedicated heat chamber and regeneration blower
    • In the cooling section a part of the wheel is cooled down before it re-turns back into the drying process

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