A3 Series

A3 Series Blender Control Software

A3 Control and Data Acquisition systems are compatible with many different control systems when equipped with the proper communication option.


  1. See list of compatible devices. Others may be added upon request.
  2. Communication modules and cables are not included – purchase separately.
  3. A3 is not compatible with BD Blenders controlled by a Micro850 PLC.
  • Compatible with MS Windows XP Home and Professional Edition
  • Monitor up to 1000 A-B controlled blenders, 1000 Mitsubishi controlled blenders, 1000 Maguire WSB controlled blenders, or 255 HydReclaim controlled blenders
  • Start and stop blenders and feeders
  • Monitor and control recipes for each blender
  • Log up to 1000 alarms per blender
  • Log up to 5000 consecutive batch weights
  • Monitor and record all recipe changes
  • Monitor material inventory, even if cleared at the blender
  • Compatible with MS Works or Office 2000, including Access, Excel and Word
  • Central System Inventory and Silo Management ability
  • Download inventory run rates, run status, target vs. actual recipe set points
  • Store an infinite number of recipes (limited only by hard drive space on computer)
  • Upload and download recipes and access recipe storage book functions
  • Automatically generate time/date stamped reports on an hourly basis
  • Two tier password security
  • Job Report Manager that tracks material reference numbers as well as lot numbers and silo numbers
  • Software kit A-B or HydReclaim and Mitsubishi controlled blenders
  • Ethernet Module for A-B, Mitsubishi , or Maguire blender (one per blender)
  • USB RS422 Legacy Module for HydReclaim blender (one per network)
  • Note: Legacy HydReclaim blenders will not communicate target vs. actual data due to a limitation of their software protocol. Maguire WSB controlled blenders will not communicate target vs. actual data and A3 cannot control the recipe in the blender due to a limitation of their software protocol.

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