Technology Driven Compounder Installs a Modular High-Efficiency Central Chiller

CRC Polymer Systems invests in a Sterling Chiller Solution that meets today's needs with the capacity to scale up as needed for tomorrow.



CRC Polymer Systems supplies compounds, resins and colors to the plastics industry, along with value-added services like material selection, product development, compounding, blending, and more.


With a new production line that would boost capacity from 15 million to 35 million pounds per year and plans to add more, the company needed to meet both current and future needs.


With the HE Chiller’s modular capabilities, the Sterling team was able to help the company meet the needs for the first expansion while also preparing for future growth.


CRC Polymer Systems was able to launch its third production line successfully while adding capabilities for future expansion early, seamlessly, and cost-effectively.

A core tenet of CRC Polymer System’s mission statement is delivering “the best performance at the best price.” With an expansion of a third production line, they needed a central chiller solution that achieved all that... for the long term.

Some companies find themselves constantly reacting to the need of the day. While others are more forward-thinking, meeting customer needs today while planning for growth tomorrow. Dave Saldo and Todd Ewing started CRC Polymer Systems more than twenty years ago when they saw a growing need in the materials market for technical expertise. They started the company to help fill that immediate void in the short-term, but continued to grow by staying one step ahead of the competition, eventually purchasing a 60,000- square foot manufacturing plant in Sodus, NY, to meet the needs of a three-fold increase in business.

“The Sterling chiller system makes it simple to add modules and be ready for future growth.”
-Todd Ewing, Co-Founder, CRC Polymer Systems

It’s that forward-thinking mindset that also influences their equipment purchasing decisions, always planning for tomorrow’s needs as they continue to expand their reach and capabilities with new industry-leading products and expert technical services. As their pelletizer and extruder production lines expanded, they found they needed to address a crucial shortage.

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