Leading Extrusion Manufacturer Yields Big Results from Blender Enhancement

Extrusion Manufacturer upgrades to an innovative new paddle design for faster, cost-saving materials blending



Wisconsin based company is a manufacturer of high-quality custom plastic profile extrusions.


The company aimed to produce quality parts faster and minimize costly additive waste.


Upgraded the existing BD Batch Weigh Blender with a new easy-to-install new and innovative paddle design.


Immediately after installing, mixing quality improved, and they started producing quality products four times faster.

A Wisconsin based extrusion manufacturer is committed to producing high-quality products and delivering on-time results with short lead times. To achieve these goals, the extruder looked to improve the efficiency of their materials blending process.

For a custom profile extruder achieving the right product colors and material properties hinges heavily on how well different materials are blended together. An optimal blend is difficult to achieve when performing a job change-over or starting-up the extruder. This results in scrap that impacts material costs, labor efficiency and even turnaround time. The scrap costs add up significantly when running multiple jobs every day.

The manufacturer had a Sterling blender on their manufacturing floor that had performed well for many years with a high degree of accuracy, dependability and effectiveness. Yet, the Maintenance & Purchasing Manager was continually looking for ways to reduce the amount of scrap generated when changing extrusion jobs. Key enhancements in the new BD Series Batch Weigh Blender offered not only industry leading features, but also a game-changing paddle design.

Delivering the right Sterling part for your application.


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