Injection MoldingInjection Molding

In today’s increasingly complex world, injection molders require more process control than ever before. Sterling has the equipment that helps you do just that. With a full line of products that range from blending, to conveying to drying, Sterling can provide you with the equipment that will allow you control all your process the way that you need. And, we can provide you with the data to support your quality policies whether it is cycle to cycle or over long production runs.

  • From railcar unloading through entire plant conveying systems, Sterling helps you move your material more efficiently
  • Sterling systems ensure the highest level of accuracy in your blending operations, ensuring optimal use of materials for every process
  • Sterling drying systems ensure your resin is ready to process
  • Sterling temperature control units ensure precision mold cooling for the toughest molding applications
  • Beside-the-press granulators from Sterling are ideally suited to handle sprues, runners, and small mold scrap to ensure optimal material use

Auxiliary Equipment Solutions for ExtrusionComplete Line of Auxiliary Equipment Solutions for Extrusion

Sterling has been providing some of the best and most trusted equipment for the plastics industry since the 1950's. No other company can provide the comprehensive process solutions that the extrusion industry demands.

  • Material Handling: Conveying, Drying, Blending and Feeding
  • Process Cooling: Central Chillers, Packaged Chillers, Blown Film Coolers, and complete water systems
  • Temperature Control: Water & Oil Temperature Control Units
  • Size Reduction and Reclaim: Film Reclaim Systems and Heavy Duty Granulators

Food and PharmaceuticalFood and Pharmaceutical

The highly regulated food and pharmaceutical industries require reliability and consistency in every aspect of their operation. The superior quality and performance of Sterling process cooling and temperature control equipment ensures a consistent and repeatable end product under the strictest of regulations. Our team of knowledgeable experts can assist in the selection and sizing of the optimum equipment for your unique operating requirements.

  • Stainless Steel / washdown duty options for chillers and temperature control units
  • Clean Room Granulators

Delivering the right Sterling part for your application.


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